Coronavirus Europa occasione persa o rimandata
Coronavirus Europa Occasione Persa O Rimandata

One week ago, a new ESI report – The wizard, the virus and a pot of gold – Viktor Orban and the future of European solidarity – put a spotlight on the future of European solidarity.The EU faces three major crises today. One is a public health crisis, which threatens hundreds of thousands of lives. One is an unprecedented economic and social crisis, which puts at risk the employment and livelihoods of tens of millions of Europeans. And then there is a crisis of core values that underpin the European project: the rule of law and the checks and balances of liberal democracy. These are under attack today from inside and outside the Union.The challenge is to tackle these crises in a coherent way. While Europe needs more solidarity and financial transfers, these must strengthen the values that connect Europeans, not undermine them.To this end the EU should make future solidarity conditional on respect for the rule of law. Implementing all Court of Justice of the EU (CJEU) judgements related to the rule of law should be a precondition for receiving funding. Building on a Commission proposal from 2018, the Commission and the European Parliament should also be able to recommend reducing transfers in case of violations, unless a qualified majority in the Council rejects this.If member states threaten to veto this overdue reform, others should threaten that they would move ahead as a coalition of member states through enhanced cooperation, leaving those unwilling to join outside – and unable to benefit.