pranzo con_le_famiglie_del_mondo
Pranzo Con Le Famiglie Del Mondo

Families from all the world at lunch with the Pope

At 13.30 the lunch of the Holy Father at the Diocese of Milan with the representatives of families from all the world.

There were 7 families: from Baghdad, Iraq, the Hassib family, 2 people; from Kinshasa, Congo, the Botolos spouses; from Mexico City, the Gomez Serrano family with their son and grandmother; from Spain the Burgos spouses; from Australia the Greens, 4 persons, among whom a seminarist; from Philadelphia, U.S., the Tumco family compose of 7 members: dad, mom and 5 children. From Milan, Italy, the Colzani family attended lunch with their 4 children.

The lunch with the Holy Father was attended by the Archbishop of Milan cardinal Angelo Scola, all the cardinals, the pontifical retinue and the Bishops’ Council of Milan.

The lunch ended at 14.30.