The Book La Voce Attraverso di Pietro Bisignani
The Book La Voce Attraverso Di Pietro Bisignani


Is considered a fascinating and captivating work to the discovery of aspects and peculiarities that have never been considered before.”La Voce Attraverso”- in english “Through the Voice”- explores the act of singing and the voice from different perspectives and through different disciplines,such as phsycology,to analyze every type human communication known as vocal,artistic and psycho-emotional.Indeed,through the voice an individual express himself,his feelings and what he wants to communicate to people.Hence,the book can be seen as a study of the ways every individual express himself,also from a scientific point of view.In scientic terms, the vocal expression is explained in terms of neuronal connection from which a particual voice comes out.The intent of Bisignani is to provide a sort of guide that every artist can follow to naturally refine his voice istead of using mechanical tecniques.The way an artist work on his voice affects the quality of his perfomance,which,by following the author tips,shoud be artistic instead of sounding intricated. The idea of writing this book came after Pietro Bisignani trip in Paraguay,where he witnessed to a perfomance with only voices of the local tribes of Makà. Bisigani was impressed by the incredible energy and vivacity of the tribes in expressing themselves.

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