WNS (Holdings) Limited (NYSE: WNS), a leading provider of global Business Process Management (BPM) services, today announced it has launched a dedicated section on Brexit through DecisionPoint, the company’s thought leadership platform designed to provide organizations with strategic business insights.The new Brexit section outlines the history of Brexit, discusses Article 50 and the Great Repeal Bill, and provides insights into possible Brexit scenarios moving forward. In addition, DecisionPoint analyzes potential impacts on five key sectors of the UK economy: Healthcare, Financial Services, Airlines, Automobiles, and Travel & Leisure. For each of these areas, a unique five-year forecast is provided which looks at potential differences between “hard” and “soft” Brexit scenarios.

WNS DecisionPoint was established to provide organizations with timely access to unique business insights based on empirical evidence and domain knowledge,” said Keshav R. Murugesh, Group CEO, WNS.

Given the significant global impact of the Brexit referendum and subsequent Brexit process, we felt it was important to help uncover unique sector-specific insights for senior executives with significant business and investment interests in the U.K. and EU.”

WNS DecisionPoint combines WNS’ research-driven analytics and domain expertise with contributions from some of the world’s leading institutions, including Knowledge@Wharton, the online business analysis journal of the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. WNS DecisionPoint provides executives with access to a unique repository of industry insights, market research and strategic analysis to help generate improved performance.