Kill Sharks and You Kill the Marine Ecosystem
Kill Sharks And You Kill The Marine Ecosystem

“Kill Sharks and You Kill the Marine Ecosystem”

Sharks are often perceived to be man-eating killers of the ocean, but Safeguard of the Seas founder McKeever tells C.M. Rubin, founder of CMRubinWorld, that in reality, sharks are evolutionary marvels and misunderstood creatures that are essential to maintaining the health of the world’s oceans. In his new book, Emperors of the Deep (HarperOne June 25, 2019), Mckeever interviews world-renowned shark experts about the role sharks really play and says their rapid decline in population towards extinction is causing ocean life to deteriorate. “People don’t appreciate that when sharks are killed, a keystone species is removed from the ocean forever,” says McKeever. “These animals maintain the reefs, guard the seagrass and watch over ecosystems on the high seas for the benefit of the planet and for all mankind”.

McKeever believes education and youth are key to raising awareness and taking action about environmental issues the planet faces, especially when it comes to global warming. “The current leadership, which has failed to protect the planet, will inevitably be replaced by a new generation,” McKeever says. “This young generation has literally the weight of the world on their shoulders and they must be prepared when they take over”.

William McKeever is the author of Emperors of the Deep (HarperOne June 25, 2019), an upcoming book which reveals new research supported by leading experts in marine life on how sharks are necessary for the health of our planet. He is also a filmmaker, conservationist and Safeguard of the Seas founder.CMRubinWorld’s award-winning series, The Global Search for Education, brings together distinguished thought leaders in education and innovation from around the world to explore the key learning issues faced by most nations. The series has become a highly visible platform for global discourse on 21st-century learning, offering a diverse range of innovative ideas which are presented by the series founder, C. M. Rubin, together with the world’s leading thinkers. For more information on CMRubinWorld