Luciano Bentenuto - Presidente FNIC

Today the Italian communities throughout the world mourn the loss of lives of its fellow citizens following the tragic earthquake that hit all of central Italy. As President of the National Federation of Italian Canadians (NFIC) we represent a strong voice for the 1.4 million Canadian citizens who have full or partial Italian heritage or Italians who have emigrated to and reside in Canada. As such we are mustering the support of all of Canada to unite its efforts in assisting the Italian authorities that need to bring help to those hardest hit with this tragedy in the four core regions (Lazio, Umbria, Marche & Abruzzo) affected by the earthquake. A National initiative is being put in place to ensure that all communities throughout Canada can donate money that will be funneled directly to those in need within these regions. We will be announcing shortly the details of this initiative as for now local authorities are still focusing the rescue efforts to save more lives.

Luciano Bentenuto – NFIC President

Thursday August 24, 2016