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Parlamento Europeo

European parliament: Changes made to Parliament’s calendar

Bruxelles. Due to the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19), the Conference of Presidents (EP President and political leaders) modified the European Parliament’s calendar of activities.
Committee meetings and other official activities initially foreseen for this week have either been postponed or cancelled. The President can authorise meetings to go ahead during this week if necessary, for example for trilogue negotiations on legislation between the Parliament, the Council and the Commission.The aim is to enable Parliament to exercise its core functions (legislative and budgetary powers, as well as plenary sessions and meetings of the institution’s governing bodies), while complying with duty of care for its Members and staff and with a view to protecting public health.
Journalists may, nevertheless, continue to enter Parliament to work if needed, but will be required to sign a declaration at the entrance stating that they have not been to an affected area in the last 14 days. Due to the EP’s limited activity and restricted access conditions, only the two entrances to the SPINELLI (ASP) building are open. The media accreditation desk has temporarily moved from the press entrance to the main accreditation centre on the Agora Simone Veil.The week starting 23 March remains, for the time being, unchanged.